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Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Read what some of our customers have to say. We’ve included some professional references as well.At the bottom of the page are links to other sites where you can read what customers have said or add your own review. Also check out our Video Testimonials!

Amazed at the Difference Spray Foam Insulation Made in Our Attic  

Great product, wonderful people, super professional, beagle-friendly. Amazed at the difference spray foam insulation made in our attic- so cool and dry already. Good-bye expensive energy bills!

Reduced Heating Bill 30%!  

The project went excellent. Reduce my heating bill about 30%

We Have Already Noticed A Difference in Temperature Levels in the Areas That Were Sprayed  

Overall we are very pleased with the finished product! We have already noticed a difference in temperature levels in the areas that were sprayed. From outside of the house, it is amazing to see the obvious difference in the amount of snow remaining on the roof in the areas that now have the spray foam, versus those still with the standard insulation. 
 The company was efficient, quick, and cleaned up well after they were finished. We did notice a bit of spray foam on a cabinet in our kitchen, which likely occurred by accident, but with a little sanding and touch up paint it should be back to new. Other than that minor detail, this company is highly recommended by us and we would definitely use them again in the future.

Did a Good Job  

Failed to show up on the scheduled day, came on the following day. Did a good job.

We Couldn't Be Happier With the Service  

Victory Spray Foam did a wonderful job. During the installation, one of their blowers stopped working and they worked night and day to fix the machine and stay on track. They offered helpful advice throughout the process and when we found gaps afterwards (from floorboards we had removed after the fact), they came and filled in the gaps in a timely manner. We couldn't be happier with the service and would highly recommend Victory Spray Foam.

The Installers Did a Very Good Job  

I had my band-boards sprayed in my house and the walls sprayed in my post frame building. The installers did a very good job of spraying the material preventing unwanted overspray. The area was cleaned up before they left. This has made a huge difference in the drafts entering the band-boards of my house. Everyone I dealt with was very courteous. Great job!

The Technicians Were on Time  

The servicing went very well.   The technicians were on time, were thorough in their performance of the service, and provided a demonstration of the process and how it actually works. 
We also made an appt to have this service provided at a house we are rehabbing for resale. 
 We are considering having this process performed on the crawlspace of our personal residence.

Were Very Courteous  

Arrived on time.  Were very courteous.   Job was finished in a reasonable amount of time and they cleaned up everything. 

I Wish Victory Foam Would Have Originally Foamed Our Home  

Everything went really well. Our house was foamed upstairs by another company when we built the house. I wish Victory foam would have originally foamed our home. They use Icynene foam which is much better than what I have upstairs. Victory foam did a much better job. They really took their time and made sure everything was covered and uniform. They cut off the excess and cleaned up everything. I would definitely recommend them.

We Chose Victory Spray Foam Due to Their Price and Product Availability  

After voicing concerns about another foam product to my home builder, we choose Victory Spray Foam due to their price and product availability, Icynene.  Their equipment appeared to be well maintained and they are certified by the product manufacture to properly install the foam. 
 Thad and his crew arrived on Friday to begin the garage.  To my surprise, they were back on Saturday to finish up the project.  They started on Saturday at 9AM and worked until nearly dark at 8:30 PM.  It was a big job with the full house attic, garage walls, and garage attic space.  They were approachable, professional, and willing to accommodate my specific insulation needs. We had a small issue that Thad brought to my attention.  We found a solution and they offered an extra hand to keep the project moving forward. 
 We can't wait to complete the house and enjoy the benefits of Victory Spray Foam's craftsmanship and superior product. 

Did Exactly as Promised  

great job. did exactly what promised.

Very Professional  

My kitchen floors are already noticeably warmer.  They were very professional and easy to work with.

We Could Tell A Difference Our First Night  

We could tell a difference our first night. Next I'm going to have them do my roof deck in the attic.

They Went Over and Above Board  

The crawl space is cramped and the ground uneven. During the time I was deciding what to do they answered questions about crawl spaces, moisture, & chemicals in a very detailed and professional manner.  When the day came to do the insulation they went over and above board; the crawl space had a lot of things ( big rocks, wood pieces, old insulation, old pipes) that they removed before they began.  This added signifcant time to their planned time.  They did it pleasantly and professionally.  They also found a pair of live wires on the floor of the crawl space; they properly capped the wires, put them in a metal box and attached it to the under side of the floor. I now have a conditioned crawl space.  Am very pleased. 

They Were Very Professional  

They were very professional.  They protected the house where they were spraying and we’re pleased so far.  We’re waiting to see the impact on the energy bill.  They provided really good service but they were expensive.


Victory Spray Foam did a great job on our new construction. Diane was a pleasure to work and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the job. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend calling them!

I Was So Impressed With the Change in the Environment in My Remodel  

I was so impressed with the change in the environment in my remodel in June, we decided the next step would be to enclose the crawl space in December. I was again equally impressed with the immediate impact on the warmth of the remainder of my house. Thad and Danny worked with me to find the optimum way to work into my schedule/budget and provide the best bang for the buck. The impact is that my family room/office requires no additional heat and cooling the room requires running an air conditioner about 1/10 as much as it did before. Our plan is to continue to use Victory to completely enclose the home. Thad and Danny have been professional and helpful in helping me address my insulation problems in a timely manner and on budget. I look forward to working with them to complete the remainder of my house. The other thing that impressed me was the before and after picture. It looked better when they left than when they started. Thad and crew also preformed some finishing work that is top notch and the additional cost was more than reasonable. 

I Would Not Hesitate to Use This Company Again  

I would not  hesitiate to use this company again, and I highly recommend them to others. If Angie's List allowed an A+ rating, I would have done so happily. 

Do Exactly What They Promised  

From the start, Victory explained thoroughly what they would do and in turn, backed up their words with doing exactly what they had promised. Their honest and open representation of themselves turned out to be the real deal.

Great Experience!  

We had a great experience with Victory Spray Foam insulation. Danny was very good to work with. Before he could start his work, we had to have new windows installed. The window installers were delayed and not very honest in their communication to us, but Danny was very flexible and accommodating. The application process went well, and his crew was very thorough. They exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend this company.

I Will Hire This Company Again  

We contracted Victory Spray Foam to insulate our pole barn and crawl space.  They were very professional.  When they gave us an estimate they were very prompt.  Once the crew arrive we were then surprised to see a very professional crew.  They were polite, concerned about cleanliness and just being respectful.  They were efficient with their time and mine.  After they sprayed the insulation we asked for another quote on an attic.  We asked for this space to be done also.  The product is phenomenal.  Our barn is warmer and airtight along with our crawl space and attic.  I will hire this company again and highly recommend them to anyone. 

This Company Was Great to Work With  

Danny and his crew took out old insulation in the attic and reinsulated with foam. Since our siding was being redone. All exterior insulation was also removed and replaced with foam. This company was great to work with had a very good and detailed knowledge of the insulation process. His crew promptly informed us if an item was inadvertently broken or sprayed during the process. Very honest and upfront. Worked will with our siding contractor. We have alreay noticed a differance in comfort in rooms that were over  a previously poorly insulated garage.  Not an inexpensive process and am hoping this will make a differance in future heating and a/c costs.

I Would Highly Recommend This Company  

I would highly recommend this company and a spray foam system for insulating attic, walls, or basements.  We have an old house from 1885 with lots of cracks, holes, and gaps which air can leak through.  Holes big enough we once found a cat hiding in the attic.  Spray foam is a perfect solution for sealing these openings up, while providing a great R-value insulation. As an Architect I spent lots of time researching the right solution and this was it.  I collected multiple quotes from different groups and settled on Victory.  

It is amazing to watch this product spray on thin as paint and expand to 4" thick in 10-15 seconds.

I am very glad we used Victory.  They showed up on time for the first meeting to see the house, were very patient while I evaluated their estimate, and their team showed up on time.  Seems so simple, but is rare these days.  They worked with me to get the project scope to fit my budget and address our most important areas which needed insulation.  Their team of 4 guys were very helpful in explaining what they were doing along the way, and how the system worked.  They were respectful of our house and cleaned up after themselves.  It was also reassuring to know they had done other work in the neighborhood.

We will definitely use them again in the future to spray closed cell foam in our basement and crawl space.  There are different products to use for different locations and applications and Victory will patiently explain them to you.  We also like the lifetime warranty their product comes with.

We are amazed at how quite the space is.  We used to hear the sounds from street, as if we were standing on the curb, but now that is all gone.  


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